Daniel Craig IS James Bond

Now I am fully aware that simply by posting this, I am going to piss off a massive group of die-hard Sean Connery fans… but hey, to make a damn good omelet– you gotta break a few eggs! In this case, the results are in for me. After having previewed the latest Bond offering, “Quantum of Solace” I am now thoroughly convinced that Daniel Craig is the ONLY 007 as far as I’m concerned.

First of all, I am certain we can all agree that Roger Moore’s Bond is practically “inexcusable”… and Timothy Dalton… well… I can honestly say that Dalton’s run as Bond transformed the entire genre into what can only be described as… “The Lost Bond Years”. Lost because we simply cannot find any real solace [or quantum for that matter] in them. Pierce Brosnan. Perhaps if Brosnan had been tapped for the role prior to handing it over to Dalton, I might not be making this observation. But for me Brosnan was like the George Clooney of the Batman films– you liked him enough… until you met Christian Bale. At that point, there was no other Batman.

That is precisely the way I feel about Daniel Craig’s interpretation of James Bond. Craig has taken a legendary icon and transformed it to fit the New Age of Bond. Craig’s Bond is far more durable, cunning, smooth, cool, collective and riveting. Craig’s Bond makes no apologies. He doesn’t fit the typical Bond mold and that’s the best part. He’s added a rogue-ish feel to a character that was always equated with never getting his hands dirty. This Bond gets dirty… down and dirty. He is fearless a predatory jungle cat with far more moves than any of his predecessors.

To watch Daniel Craig is like unveiling a priceless painting… one section at a time. His Bond is filled with controversy, self-loathing, unrequited love, tension, passion… all wrapped up into a far more complex character dynamic that we have only begun to see. We watch as this Bond masks his pain beneath a layer of cool that is beyond frigid yet just above an enduring heat wave. Go see Quantum of Solace. It rocks.


~ by upbeatmag on November 15, 2008.

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