Wisteria Lane is Jammin’

I am a Desperate Housewives junkie. There. I’ve admitted it. I can’t help it. As Season 5 is now well underway I am constantly reminded of why the writing on this show is just that damn good. Very few television shows (in my humble opinion) “get it” when it comes to creating a powerfully intricate story (one worth coming back to watch). This show not only goes there but it dares to travel far beyond all of my expectations. The characters can flip on a dime. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been blind-sided by one or more of the characters hitting the skids or just visiting the dark side. You never know when it’s going to hit and you can always count on the fact that it will. 

Just when I think I know the answers, this show changes all of the questions. I am so hooked into the whole “What does Edie’s husband really have in store for everyone?” storyline. I can’t pull myself away from guessing. And no matter what I guess… I could be wrong. Dead wrong. For all I know, Edie’s husband might even be the actual victim! He might be a tortured good guy. You see, this is what happens when the writers are left alone to write. It’s something that is a joy to watch. I don’t feel that my intelligence is being questioned; I’m fine with suspending my disbelief… only to be surprised and astonished by what I suspended and what I shouldn’t have suspended at all! In fact, I’m suspended most of the time! 

I make predictions each week… hoping against hope that I will get to the bottom of everything… only to be “red herringed” into some bizarre new direction.

Mrs. McKlusky (played to perfection by actress Kathryn Joosten) is one of my all-time favorites. She’s a tough broad with more chutzpah than even Gabriella (Eva Longoria) on some occasions. She gives as good as she gets. And bringing in Lily Tomlin as her wacky sister… brilliant move. Speaking of which, Desperate Housewives is never afraid to bring on old television favorites as new characters… Bob Newhart, Dixie Carter, Laurie Metcalf and Lesley Ann Warren to name a few. And these characters aren’t just there to create scenery. No way. They are tossed into this insanely complex equation to go toe to toe with all of the leads.

Will the cast survive? Count on it. Did the five year fast forward hurt the show? No way. If anything it has further enhanced it. The addition of actor Gale Harold (as Susan’s boyfriend Jackson) was a solid decision. Trust me, this guy has the chops and can handle anything tossed his way… and you can bet they’ll toss as much at him as they can!

As a side note: I spoke very briefly with an ABC Publicist who tells me that Gale Harold is doing very well after his motorcycle accident. That is always good to hear!


~ by upbeatmag on November 16, 2008.

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  1. Thanks for the Gale update ^.^

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