A Fascinating Paradigm

In both film and television what people want is not necessarily what they need. In narrative, no one actually wants to see a fat, happily married Romeo and Juliet, even if fat, happily married Romeo and Juliet happen to be [Dashiell Hammett’s detective couple] Nick and Nora Charles and they’re really cool and having a great time in their lovely relationship and really care about each other and have functional, well-adjusted children. Guess what? People don’t want to see it. They just don’t. It’s boring. As an audience, we tend to be more connected to the “yearning”… it’s far more powerful. It’s like this intense aphrodisiac that we would all love to bottle up and consume from time to time. Those first few weeks of a relationship when the butterflies are still present. That first passionate argument where we each realize why this person is so connected to us. I have this theory about euphoria… it’s highly overrated.

Artists, poets, writers, filmmakers… they all tend to create in order to reveal that euphoria. But the inspiration for it lies in the absence of it. When a true artist is perpetually happy, there’s often very little passion found within his/her work. It’s a fascinating paradigm but it’s very much about the human condition. For some strange reason we are attracted to the very things that can make us insecure… remove us from our “comfort” zones. But isn’t that the real reason we watch or stare or become totally engulfed? We want to be pulled away from our comfort zones because it gives us a perspective that we can’t help but delve into…


~ by upbeatmag on November 19, 2008.

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