Desperate Housewives– Who Is Dave?

Season 5 of Desperate Housewives is burning up the small screen at full throttle. That’s right people… Wisteria Lane is scorching hot, and not just because of the recent bar fire… It’s filled with more questions than my mind can ever hope to grapple with on a daily basis. Even if I was indeed amused by Julie’s return, Anne’s storyline, Lee’s joy after finally hearing the scandalous truth about Bree… and Virginia’s wacky Grandma antics; it was once again Dave’s storyline that had my absolute unwavering attention. For God’s sake… WHO IS THIS GUY? “Dave Williams” is not his real name. So that officially discards him as being George Williams’ brother. He’s far too polite, but then again, that can be said for Bree, her husband and several other characters. He’s definitely creepy. On the creepy meter he’s hitting at least a 10 plus. He definitely has some sort of axe [or quite possibly an entire arsenal] to grind. He’s manipulative, calculating and seemingly one step ahead of even the McKlusky sisters… although after having watched their detective skills first hand, I’m not entirely certain that either of them will make it out of their little Dave investigation alive.

The one thing I have learned from watching Desperate Housewives religiously over the last five seasons is this… If you were to go to the very first episode of each and every season and watch it all diligently you will discover that ALL of the information needed to decipher each and every one of the plots is inserted in that particular episode. Now then, it’s inserted in such a clever way that EVERYTHING is completely open to various interpretations… and I do mean everything. Which is what inevitably makes it all so vastly difficult to figure out. But humor me here folks… go back and watch the very first episode of Season 4, then watch the season finale of Season 4… it will all make sense to you. You will be just as impressed as I have been with the writers of this show. And when I say impressed… that’s an understatement. This show has more plot twists and storyline turns than anyone could ever hope to anticipate in advance.

So… what have we learned thus far about good ol’ Dave, if anything? A. He’s criminally insane which means he served prison time… or maybe not. Maybe he was institutionalized. B. We know of at least three instances where the men of Wisteria Lane, Carlos, Mike and Orson… have been to prison… however, given the fact that the show is now being presented to us five years into the future it is quite possible that Lynette’s husband Tom may have also served time. C. We know that whoever it is that Dave is after is allegedly in the band Blue Odyssey. Notice how I say “allegedly”, I’m hedging my bets here people. D. Dave lived in Fairview before and based on what the now dead psychiatrist observed… Fairview doesn’t exactly offer him a clean start and is definitely not a safe haven for him.

E. No one seems to “recognize” Dave… which may or may not point to a now blind Carlos as Dave may have had plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery. F. Dave risks his own life when he learns that Mike is still in the burning bar. He literally goes in to get Mike out. Some may say that Dave went back in to put the icing on the cake of his “I’m the hero so don’t doubt me” angle but, after hearing Dave tell Mike “I’m not done with you yet,” one has to wonder if Dave went in because he is after Mike and simply wants to torture and harm him one on one.

G. If all of the clues are indeed falsely pointing to Mike, then Dave must really need Mike’s help to seek revenge on one of the other guys. Why ensure that Mike is part of the band, comes back to Wisteria Lane and survives the fire if it’s not that he is either instrumental in the revenge plot or is the actual target? Then there is H. What if Dave is merely using one of the guys from the band to go after his REAL target, that being one of the housewives? This is a stretch as Dave talked briefly about his brother being killed as a result of an illegal drug scenario in prison… but that doesn’t mean that the housewives haven’t been to prison. Again, keep in mind that we are now five years into the future and not every aspect of those five years have been revealed.

The only person who held the power to stop Dave is now out of the picture. He’s dead… thanks to Dave. Again… I ask… WHO IS THIS GUY? On the subject of the doctor’s grisly death, I just have to add that I was completely creeped out by the way Dave killed him. As we all know, Dave led Dr. Heller into a storage room, then, as opposed to talking… Dave ruthlessly strangled him. Then came the part that really made my stomach turn over. First, Dave doused Dr. Heller with plenty of alcohol– several bottles of high octane booze from the shelves in the storage room… and then he proceeded to light the poor guy on fire. I repeat (and this bears repeating)… Dave lights the dead doctor on fire using booze as the lighter fluid, if you will. I understand wanting to cover up the evidence and all, but Dear God… this was positively despicable. I was somewhat taken back by how it all played out, given the fact that Desperate Housewives is a network show. I almost felt like I was watching something that would have been written into an HBO Original Series. If the writers decided to make Dave irredeemable… they have succeeded with a ton of serial killer extras.

But I am still left with only this… Who is Dave? And who EXACTLY is her after? And wouldn’t it be even creepier if Virginia, or Wacko Grandma as Gaby knows her, were his Mom? You just never know.


~ by upbeatmag on November 28, 2008.

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