The OtterBox Rugged Laptop Carrying Case

Let’s face it people– laptop computers are constantly being used out in the field in every corner of the world. Some CEOs and executives are privileged enough to be able to relax on the warm beaches of Monaco [much like those ultra cool Corona ads that I perpetually place myself into], where the biggest threat to any device is sand. Others may visit wildly exotic lands, spend time in a rain forest, go on urgent nautical adventures and brave the elements… like ice and snow. But trust us, notebooks don’t react well to water, mud and dust, and they really don’t like to be dropped. Rugged notebooks are more resistant to such hazards, yet they cost so much more and can still be easily destroyed, leaving all of your information vulnerable. Enter Colorado-based Otter Products, which offers the almost indestructible OtterBox line of rugged, waterproof cases for laptops, PDAs, iPods, cell phones and other portable devices.

The OtterBox Rugged Laptop Carrying Case shields notebooks from a variety of harsh conditions and will prevent a laptop from being damaged if it’s dropped. The hard-shell case is strong enough for a person to stand on without breaking it [we almost rented an ape like the one on our logo but we eventually thought better of it], and it actually floats while shut, acting as a life preserver for the all-important laptop tucked away safely inside.

Users also can operate the computer without ever having to remove it from the case, although the device is exposed to the elements once the case is opened. Our OtterBox 7030 had arrived inside of a cardboard sleeve, with the sleeve displaying various pictures of possible use scenarios and then on the backside a listing of all of the features for this rugged laptop carrying case. Inside of the case itself were four standard bumpers, four large bumpers, two L-shaped bumpers, one shoulder strap, two keys, and an instruction sheet. The instruction sheet reviews the contents, basic bumper usage, and how to install your laptop with the properly sized bumpers. It’s extremely easy to follow.

The OtterBox Rugged Laptop Carrying Case comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee and costs $169.95, a small price to pay considering the peace of mind it provides laptop users. Our tough as nails evaluation team awards the OtterBox Rugged Laptop Carrying Case an Editor’s Choice Award for 2008, since it will protect a laptop like no other case can, keep out water and keep the laptop intact if it’s dropped. If you require a rugged case for your notebook computer– perhaps on a construction site, on a research trip to the Andes, when you’re traveling with the band– the Otterbox Rugged Laptop case is the perfect choice. It provides excellent protection against crushing force, impact force, and water. One important note: be 100% certain you purchase the right sized model to carry everything that you want to bring along with you as the case we reviewed would handle our laptop only, with no accessories.


~ by upbeatmag on December 9, 2008.

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