The Greatest Internet Hoax Ever Perpetrated

I was listening to my favorite talk radio show on the planet… or in this particular dimension of universe… COAST TO COAST AM With George Noory… As usual, George was in “rare” form. You see, in “George’s World” ANY TOPIC is one step away from the “paranormal”– and I LOVE that about him. It is not only extraordinarily entertaining, it is also thought-provoking as all roads lead to “mystery and conspiracy” in this world.

This particular show happened to be the re-broadcast of a show which aired back in August of 2004. The show was centered on an Internet Legend… or as some non-believers might call it “The Greatest Internet Hoax Ever Perpetrated” somewhere around the year 2000– [no one is actually 100% certain as to the exact date or year] a man only known as “John Titor” began posting on various Quantum Physics Web Forums across the Internet with a vengeance.

Now I personally make it a point to NOT post on these forums as my thoughts on Quantum Physics are constantly “evolving” depending on what “mood” I happen to be in… and I have on several occasions proven with “deadly accuracy” Einstein’s Theory of Relativity while chatting with the sort of people who inspire one to consider “gnawing off one’s arm” during the conversation.

So… as “legend has it” John Titor claimed to be a genuine time traveler from the year 2036. Yes folks, I said it. He said he was a “time traveler”. But far be it for me to pass judgment on this man’s perception as I have been told many a “tale” by many a weary traveler… claiming to be everything from a bona fide “Angel” to an “Agent of Truth”… so I rarely dispute anyone’s “reality.

The reason I mention John Titor is because quite frankly, this has to be one of the most fascinating tales I have heard in a LONG time. Not only does his story seem somewhat “plausible”, but he was brilliant enough to “cover his bases” using various Physics theories, one being that all time is occurring simultaneously in immeasurable parallel dimensions within varying degrees of one another– a Many Worlds, Many Universes Theory which is an ACTUAL Physics theory… look it up. You’ll indeed find it. So if any of his “prognostications” turn out to be “wrong”… Mr. Titor says that this is the direct result of his visit here, which alters in varying degrees in a “domino-lik”e effect all of the other infinite parallel universes in such a manner that perhaps his predictions will occur, only in one of those OTHER dimensions… not necessarily ours.

Before you write all of this off as being “Conspiratory Gibberish” and “Internet Folklore”… I give you one of my favorite quotes from one of my all-time favorite films, “Heaven Can Wait” with Warren Beaty and Julie Christie [the 1978 classic]… “The likelihood of one person being correct increases in direct proportion to the intensity with which others are trying to prove him wrong.”

It is 2008 and John Titor, after having posted his last words in March of 2001 has vanished. All however, that remains is a CONTINUING DEBATE as to whether or not he was actually telling the truth. Countless radio show discussions, web sites, web forums, books, e-books, 1 documentary and a potential feature film later and John Titor is STILL A HOT TOPIC OF DISCUSSION. The Public Relations genius alone is exceptional.

Does it matter if he was telling the truth? No, not really. Which brings me to my point… everyone has the capacity to evoke thought, discussion and timelessness. We are a world filled with more possibilities than we know what to do with. It all comes down to “perception”… and not only did John Titor {or whoever he was} KNOW this… he lived it.

A few John Titor links for all of you “Curious Onlookers”… interested in a good story… or a REALLY good tall tale {smiling}.


~ by upbeatmag on January 6, 2009.

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