True Blood Continues to Arouse

True Blood has created such a delectable web of character arcs this season that I for one, need at least 6 more episodes just to be able to breath again. I have NEVER watched a television show like True Blood in my entire life. And that’s really saying something. This show rips your heart out (or in some cases, your spine) one minute and leaves you awe-struck and euphoric the next. I want some “V”… In fact, I NEED some “V” to watch the final two episodes of season three. Episode 10, appropriately entitled, “I Smell a Rat” was packed with more prodigious moments than we’ve ever seen thus far… with a slew of secrets and long buried mysteries revealed (Sam has some serious dead bones in his past closet), a literal tsunami of new supernatural creatures hitting the ground from every possible angle (a wiccan, cat-people, sorcerers, and more), and some astonishing shifts in character dynamics that are far more enthralling and compelling than I would have ever thought possible. It was engaging to watch Russell hitting the edge of pure madness over the loss of his long-term lover and Jesus experimenting with “V” but it clearly defines True Blood as more than just diverse and unpredictable… it’s also scintillating in its ability to pull the viewer into darker more intense streams of consciousness than ever before.

There are also some metaphorical pokes in the ribs comparing the divide between Russell and the more assimilated vampires to the politics of Islam in America. There was so much going on that there was less time than usual for sex and violence— not to mention werewolves… I missed Alcide. Dear God that man is smoakin’ oakin’ HOT!

But the real theme of the episode was the very real complexity of telling the whole truth. Sookie, unsurprisingly, is squarely on the side of revealing all, as ugly as it may be, though the fact she admitted that she will probably not rush to tell Bill that she’s been dreaming about Eric puts her in the same dilemma of defining truth. She encourages Jason to tell Tara that he killed her ex-boyfriend. He does tell Tara, and she runs out. I will guarantee you that this powder keg of a revelation hasn’t even begun to allow Tara to fully dive into the abyss of darkness.

If the show stays true to form, next week we WILL witness the death of a regular character. Jason’s bohemian girlfriend Amy was strangled in the penultimate installment of the first season; and Karl, Maryanne’s assistant, received a bullet through the head in Episode 11 last season. And all of us here at UPBEAT have discovered (via a number of our correspondents) that HBO is NOTORIOUS for offing characters just before the season finale. Does that mean Russell “the vampire terrorist” (that comment just fueled the laughter on this end) next week? Who knows? True Blood’s plot has always moved at an antithetic pace than several HBO Series. Even Alan Ball’s Six Feet Under never ventured into such disproportionate realms. And we have already seen several beloved True Blood characters knocked off. But be sure to look out for anyone who upsets the new wiccan waitress. Alan Ball has told us that next season will focus on witches. We wondered if he was daring to venture into Joss Whedon’s take on the wiccan culture, but we were told that it would never happen. Well… never say never… not on any show. as for the character of Crystal, the 80’s film Cat People with actress Nastassja Kinski immediately popped into my head Especially after hearing her father mention that she must “mate” with one of her own kind. I’m convinced that Jason will try to wrap his head around Crystal’s new revelation, but I’m not at all convinced that he’ll stay true to her.

In Episode 11 “Fresh Blood”, Bill will try to earn back Sookie’s trust, but will end up bringing her face to face with even more dangers. Eric will tempt Russell with the ultimate vampire dream, knowing that he’s no physical match for him. Sam will embrace his dark side by alienating everyone except Tara. Hoyt and Jessica will take their romance to the next level. The episode airs Sunday August 29th at 9:00 p.m. EST on HBO.


~ by upbeatmag on August 24, 2010.

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