@charliesheen— Winning On His Own Terms

Winning! That’s what Charlie Sheen is all about, and you can either love him or hate him for it— and that’s where his magic lies. Doesn’t hurt that he’s got tiger blood and Adonis DNA either. Despite what every media outlet, news­paper, and soccer mom is disgusted about— all they will allow themselves to see is the surface level, the literal inter­pre­ta­tion of his words and actions… causing them to make a right­eous judge­ment of a man with “addic­tions”, rather than the epic­ness of his wisdom and when he finally said, “ENOUGH! I AM MY OWN CURE!”.

Then there’s the other people who just find it all hilar­ious; and as funny as the things Charlie Sheen says are, there is serious enlight­en­ment and insight behind the “lulz”. He is blunt and offen­sive to the average American because he goes against their grain— their boring, average, dull, sleep of a life— and that’s not even mentioning the crazy porn stars, drugs, and partying. Sure he may have had alcohol/drug issues in his past, sure he might be an arro­gant bastard, and sure he might not even be from this terres­trial realm— but that’s no reason to condemn him for living HIS life on HIS OWN terms… it should actu­ally be the cause for his celebration.

Most people “float by” on phoney public relations… they tell us EXACTLY what we want to hear. And that works for most people. Those who refuse to “walk on the edge of life” for a moment and tell others how they REALLY feel. Let’s face it, most people barely get a “taste” of what matters, let alone the opportunity to throw caution to the wind and empty out the pit of seething anger we hold in because we convince ourselves that we NEED our jobs or that our families and friends would never understand the way we REALLY feel. So we “do the dance”… we turn in our dreams for the human hamster wheel and we fall into line… like the rest of the worker bees.

I mean, let’s just imagine it for a moment, shall we? We all have the same amount of money as Charlie Sheen. We’ve all been born into a thriving Hollywood pedigree and we’re being handed schwag by the tons, an entourage of people as willing to follow us as we plunge into the abyss of what we have never seen or tried… and then we are given credit cards with no limits… cash by the bundles. At some point in every person’s life there is that moment when he/she craves that “power”… the ability to say to your annoying brother-in-law, “F$#K OFF!” The opportunity to buy the restaurant [where the smart-ass waiter treated you like garbage]… and as opposed to just firing his rude-ass… you give him a week’s worth of his own behavior until he finally submits… and quits.

Charlie Sheen’s inter­views have ALL gone viral, along with his catch phrases and slew of new internet memes: because they’re winning, duh. Now initially, as I was watching them myself, I totally was like “this guy is crazy… but damn he’s funny”. Then a few minutes in, he started saying things that were really powerful, like— “can’t is the cancer of happen” —whoa… hang on a minute… that’s actually brilliant. So maybe there’s some­thing to learn hidden inside all of this madness and mayhem…

If you haven’t seen the inter­views, I HIGHLY recom­mend you watch them all, completely. Not only are they the ulti­mate dose of Charlie-Sheen-drug-brilliant-humor, there is a lot to learn from this Vatican Assassin. Can’t is the cancer of happen— Just like Yoda in Star Wars “do or do not, there is no try” and Nike’s slogan “just do it”, Charlie “gets” that a lack of action and fear is a sort of “cancer” to getting things done. Stop the excuses, believe in your­self, and take action. Now.

Ignore the fools, trolls, and clowns— Haters will hate all day while they sip the Hater-aide. These people crit­i­cize your action and progress since they don’t have the balls to do it them­selves. Ignore them and take advice from those that care. “Sleep rhymes with sheep”— Funny isn’t it? Charlie knows most people are just spir­i­tu­ally and worldly asleep, like Neo was in The Matrix. Stop being an obedient sheep that behaves and does only what it’s told… blindly. Wake up and start living… ON YOUR OWN TERMS!

Step up and change it right now. Look your father in the eye and say. “You’re wrong, I’m different, I’m better. Watch me.” Become free from the opin­ions of others and your­self— STOP caring about what other people think about you. Say awesome things— let your humor and wisdom always shine through and light up the lives of those around you. Dare to be a total freakin’ rock­star from Mars! Always look for some­thing to learn in every situation. Be special— because you are! The media, school systems, corpo­ra­tions, and govern­ment want everyone to be average and elim­i­nate indi­vid­u­ality. This is absurd. Stand out, be your­self, and express your creativity. Stop being like the masses and just be YOU! And last but certainly not least… wherever you are, enjoy the view!


~ by upbeatmag on March 31, 2011.

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