True Blood Viewing Parties Can Get Juicy

An HBO True Blood addiction is not a laughing matter. Several people have it, and trust us… it can can get pretty bad. As the theme song suggests, it can make anyone “wanna do bad things with you”… Hard-core fans (or Truebies as they call themselves) are craving the hit HBO series about the coexistence of vampires, werewolves and humans in a small Louisiana town called Bon Tempes. Waiting for your fix? Don’t worry. Season four begins at 9:00 p.m. EST on Sunday. And it will have lots of gory blood, steamy sex and salivating fangs. We can’t tell you where Sookie disappeared to or if Jason will be tied to another bed… or what’s up with all of the witches. But we can give you some suggestions as to how to host your very own True Blood Season 4 Opening Party.

Dim all of the lights. Vampires don’t appreciate light. Use candles in place of lamps at your party. Place clear glass bowls with red-dyed water and floating candles on tables throughout the house. A quick way to dim a room is to change all the light bulbs in your house to lower wattage, or to darker colors such as purples and reds. You also could use black lights, or string low-wattage red lights around a room so party-goers feel like they’re at Fangtasia, the vampire-friendly bar and nightclub in the TV series.

Keep in mind— it’s the Bayou, baby! True Blood is set in a small, fake Louisiana town. So play into that. Place fake moss and driftwood around lamps or tabletops. Add a few fake snakes, spiders, alligators or bones for effect. Cook up some tasty Cajun foods.

This web site will give you a nice selection of Louisiana meal temptations:

Dress the part. Ask friends to dress like their favorite character, say, a blond wig, T-shirt and cutoff jeans for Sookie. Stock up on fake fangs, fake blood and white powder make-up. Other great characters to choose from include the flamboyant Lafayette, the fiery red-headed Jessica or the rugged Alcide. You could make a Merlotte’s Bar and Grill T-shirt, wear a dark silky robe or waitress apron or buy them online: We know you can’t order them from the website and get them or other online products in time for the premiere, but a whole new season stretches before us. Plenty of time for other viewing parties!

Set the mood. Download the True Blood soundtrack songs from iTunes and create a party mix to play before the new episode. Throw in some songs from KDED, the all-vampire radio station based in Baton Rouge, mentioned in Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels. Once Season four starts… hang on to your seats, your significant others and enjoy the wild ride as we can promise you one thing… you won’t want to look away and you’ll be completely enthralled from the moment the first scene begins.

Be sure to visit for previews of episode two!


~ by upbeatmag on June 25, 2011.

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