The Pathetic Side of Twitter

The most annoying thing about reading Twitter pages from D-List Actresses/Actors, who, essentially have nothing of any real value to say… is like being part of a totally one-sided conversation. All they do is Tweet answers to pathetic compliments or questions that no one cares about. So, essentially, prior to stabbing yourself with a USB flash drive, you end up reading [trust me, it’s like a train wreck that requires translation]. Here’s the thing, unless the actor or actress in question is intelligent and astute enough to make “observations” as opposed to basking in the adulation of fans who will feign cancer to garner ANY sort of acknowledgement… it becomes rather embarrassing actually.

Here’s just a “made up” example of what you can expect to find on some of these D-Listers’ Twitter pages:
@D-listactress Thank you, they’re real.

@D-listactress xoxo! I wuv you too! I’m wearing the Origami feng shui hat right now/luv to Duderini!

@D-listactress Yes, I’ve been told it’s my best asset! Tee hee hee! I said ass-et!

@D-listactress Share the love! I’m nominated for a Starburst Actress of the Rainbow Award! It’s a juicy contradiction! So am I! Waaaay juicy! xoxo smoochies!

@D-listactress OMG! You poor baby! A shout out to #fanstalker! Prayers Everyone! She has Terminal Dental Hydroplosion.

And sadly it just gets worse. I have no idea how anyone who is trying to build a SERIOUS career could possibly believe that 20 thousand rapid fan followers and the nonsense which ensues is helpful in any way shape or form. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a number of celebrities worth following. They’re funny [often hilarious] clever, engaging in ways that initiate intelligent conversations and insights… You just have to be willing to look. Here are a few of my favorites: Alyssa Milano: @Alyssa_Milano, Chris Colfer: @chriscolfer, Bill Maher: @billmaher, Seth Green: @SethGreen, Amber Benson: @amber_benson, Jane Espenson: @JaneEspenson and many more. So head over to Twitter, make some New Year’s UN-follows, and enjoy the ride!


~ by upbeatmag on December 31, 2011.

One Response to “The Pathetic Side of Twitter”

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