— Helping Musical Artists has created an easy way for artists to be “rewarded” for their efforts… on line. The “reward button” can be placed anywhere on the web for the artist’s work to be shared. This system creates a direct way for music fans to financially “reward” an artist when and where they appreciate the artist’s tracks on Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud and most places it’s listened to and shared. An example of the set-up can be found here: Music is shared; the reward link should be shared too! Moozar on Facebook:

What is special about the notion of a reward? When you place a reward on Moozar you’ll help non mainstream artists to grow and continue making music you like, enabling them to set up a gig, produce an EP, or buy new instruments … Best of all, the artist gets the money you donate via the reward without having to sell a thing. But what is the Moozar Reward worth to the artist? Aren’t you profiting from their music?

With a service like Moozar you are helping musicians outside the industry to find another means to make money. The reward is something controlled by the fans, with the money going directly to the artist for nothing more than their music being heard. An artist can be rewarded for a video seen on YouTube that is watched on Facebook or by streaming their album via Soundcloud. You have probably even thought about contributing something to these artists in the past, but the question has been how. What about copyrights? Moozar has no effect on copyrights. There are no downloads, no sales. The “reward” is nothing more than a financial gesture… just like giving a busker a coin from you pocket.


~ by upbeatmag on July 18, 2012.

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