Punk Band Angels Heart— Free Release

Los Angeles punk band Angels Heart will give away free digital downloads of their brand new album, Tattoos & Cigarettes, using a unique fan-friendly application. Screaming guitars, classic cars, tattoos, and cigarettes— Los Angeles-based outfit Angels Heart has taken the punk rock tradition and crafted something entirely original. Amplified by founder and frontman Bryan Joseph (Vocals, Guitar, Songwriting) and Jeff Ott (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), the band has commanded attention not only in their home state of California, but across the nation. Their first album, Sixty-Eight Cutlass, has enjoyed huge success among punk followers, and fans now have a chance to download the new full-length record, Tattoos & Cigarettes, for free.

Angels Heart will be giving away free high resolution digital downloads of the new 14-song unreleased record, Tattoos & Cigarettes. Here’s how it works: fans enter the “daily deal” contest via the band’s Facebook page before September 4th, 2012. When entries total 10,000, those who have signed up will get free access to the high-res new release. Additionally, the band is formally releasing Sixty-Eight Cutlass at one song per week until September 4th, building up to the Tattoos & Cigarettes giveaway. Having forged a dedicated following and audience respect from early demos and touring, the newest batch of songs from the band is a highly anticipated collection that will not disappoint current and new fans of the music project. For listeners interested in a preview, the first single from Tattoos & Cigarettes, Under the Black Light, is currently available for preview and immediate download at: http://www.angelsheart.com

Tattoos & Cigarettes features guest appearances from punk rock icon Brooks Wackerman of Bad Religion (Drums) and Gregg Sartiano (Bass, Production). Keeping the do-it-yourself work ethic and soul of punk music alive and well, the entire project is masterminded by pioneer of rock music education, Bryan Joseph. Beyond his musical accomplishments, Joseph was the creator and founder of the first national rock and roll summer camp Power Chord Academy (PCA).

Angels Heart creates and performs energetic, quality music steeped in an entrepreneurial spirit. They’re bringing some excitement back to the often-stale online music distribution method. Like PCA, Angels Heart is not only about creating, it’s about inspiring other people to create and express themselves. Angels Heart is not asking people to “like” their page and listen to one-way communication; they are rewarding people for participating in the growth of the band with the intimate gift of their art and talent. The band does not shun social media and the new face of the music industry— instead, they are forging it into a more fan-friendly platform that reflects their progressive views of harnessing technology and forming relationships with listeners.

Punk music has always been about rebellion. By carving their own niche and creating an original fan-driven format for music distribution, Angels Heart has already made their mark and will continue to lead. Today’s music business is largely uncharted waters. Bands that understand the changing nature of the industry, and proactively innovate rather than complain, are those who will rise to the top.

To learn more about Angels Heart, download free music, and sign up for the “daily deal,” visit: http://www.angelsheart.com or http://bit.ly/NALZ3A and follow them on Twitter at: http://www.twitter.com/angelsheartrock


~ by upbeatmag on July 21, 2012.

One Response to “Punk Band Angels Heart— Free Release”

  1. I’m glad to see another band/artist innovating digital distribution. Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead have taught the independent artists well. :)

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