Hey FOX! Dollhouse Has Earned More Seasons!

I am STILL trying to wrap myself around FOX-TV’s dumb-ass decision to possibly cancel Dollhouse! The Dollhouse Season 1 Finale was nothing short of PURE BRILLIANCE quadrupled at least 165 times! Joss Whedon has literally challenged every single thing about life/reality that we “thought” we knew with Dollhouse. And I believe for this reason alone Dollhouse MUST go on! It will perpetually piss off the religious right and I live for those moments when I can hear the moral majority screaming out in sheer unbridled agony at the thought of great art! And great art makes us think… it challenges our ideals and it yanks us out of those “comfort zones”.

Joss Whedon, simply put, “gets it”, which is precisely why he has such a rabid cult following. The man understands great art. He knows that in order to break barriers, in order to transform all of the bullshit we are spoon fed daily… we must risk it all and dive into the abyss, if only to evolve. Dollhouse bitch slaps the delegated set of society’s rules and dares to venture into uncharted waters with the perfectly timed twist of plot and unsurpassed dialogue. My, my my… how quickly those often blurry moral boundaries stop mattering when plot lines and are dialogue this extraordinary. And give me a break here FOX, we’ve been watching ethically questionable series with an unstoppable passion ever since Tony Soprano and his crew began brutally killing while worrying about their kids’ college funds, nursing home costs for their parents and whether or not the sausage was worthy of the grill.

The Dollhouse finale had it all and then some… twists, turns, season-long mysteries revealed and layered even more, along with a strong healthy dose of evil lairs, kick-ass fight scenes, clever banter, Nietzsche and Soylent Green references, and mind-ravaged, soulless human shells being used to create the perfect outcome for those who can afford it. Essentially Whedon and his crew pulled out every stop and left room for even more questions, observations, theological debates and riveting performances.

I have to assume that FOX will wake up from its self-perpetuated coma and finally begin to see the flawed and absurd Nielsen Ratings system for exactly what it is: USELESS and POINTLESS. I mean, c’mon, how many people do you know that schedule their lives around network television? I’ll tell you– that minuscule, meaningless cross-section of Nielsen lab rats who are forced to be reactive. Well, I’ve got a news flash for the technologically unevolved… WAKE UP! We no longer have to be chained to our television sets conforming to network scheduling debacles based on demographic groups that are far more diverse than what we’ve been told.

The entire system is painfully antiquated and it no longer represents a television show’s ACTUAL viewership numbers. Hello? Can we say “Internet”? There are so many ways to watch a television show these days that it boggles the mind. And Joss Whedon understands this. So does his audience. And once an audience is allowed to become “interactive”… “reactive” ceases to exist. So if the “suits” over at FOX are reading this… leave Dollhouse alone! Or at least be smart enough to move it to the FX Network to appease the dumb-ass 60+ white guys in the board room with no vision and even less purpose than the Neilsens.


~ by upbeatmag on May 11, 2009.

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